Friday, December 01, 2006


Welcome students to the third round of Scribe Posts. Your scribes get better all the time and I am looking forward to this next batch of posts.

As we discussed in class on Friday I expect all scribes to create a link in their post showing me where you left a comment outside of our class blogs. I will include an instructional screencast to show you what I expect.

Even if you are not a scribe I encourage you to leave comments at these sites. The more comments the better.

Here are the Classes that I know of that use Scribe posts in Math.

Schools that Scribe
S3 Math from Scotland
Linden Meadows 8M
Linden Meadows 8Z

GeoBlog from Alabama
PreCal 30s Danial Mac
PreCal 40S Danial Mac
APCalc Danial Mac
Math Challenger

There will also be a link to classes that scribe on your sidebar.

It is important to show student from around the city and around the world that you are an audience for their writing. I know you will use appropriate language and leave creative, positive comments that will inspire those students to continue to blog.

Include in your comments what you liked about the post you have read. Include any suggestions you have for their posts.

As I have said already. The most important thing about a comment is that people know that you are reading.


Robert Jones said...

Thanks for all the comments you guys have made on the Scottish blog! My students do appreciate it. If they haven't already done so, I know that they will be reading your posts and commenting.

Mrs. Phillips said...

Hello Sargent Park Grade 8's! We are so excited to see that others are reading our blogs here at Linden Meadows. We will be posting comments on yours as well. Keep up the fantastic work!