Thursday, December 14, 2006

A little Percent Work

Calculate the value of the percent or the unit square for the following questions. Show your work 2 different ways.

Percent Questions

What is 35% of 90?

What is 40% of 180?

What is 90% of 320?

What is 65% of 120?

What is 130% of 90?

10% of a number is 35. What is that number?

55% of a number is 60. What is that number?

Twenty-Five acres of land are given to a community and the donor stipulates that 6 acres of this land should be developed as a playground.

What percent of the land is going to be used as a playground?

Use a percent grid to show that 20% of a business’s 240 employees work at night. How many employees work at night?

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