Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Proportion Post update

I erred in class when I told you this was due today.  It is due Sunday at midnight.  On Monday morning I would like to have all of them done and ready to mark.  Here is a link to the assignment if you still are having difficulties.

Please read the instructions carefully.  You will receive marks for each part of the assignment.  It is recommended that you complete as many parts as you can to get the best mark.  I am going to assign a BONUS question.

I want you to use one of these pictures and insert it at your post.

Once the picture is in at the post you are going to write your own proportion question and answer it.

 Think of all the picture questions you have been answering in comment form over the last few weeks.

Here are the photos.
Peaches on a Traffic Box IMG_4531

Kid in the Woods IMG_4416 Woodpile Woodpile 2

We will be marking these together so you will have to have something published.  If your computer goes boom or there are issues you can receive partial marks for having the assignment done on paper.  Remember to back up your posts often.  Save frequently so that you do not have a catastrophic OOPS my post is missing.

See y'all on Monday.  Work hard this weekend.

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