Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Morning Fractions

We are in a Real FAI-TO this week.  Our challenge is to stay ahead of a very tough school from Brazil.  They will make you work.  Please work on Sensi work and the fraction challenges I have set out for you.

Today's Fraction sheets can be found at the following links:

Converting Mixed Fractions C

Simplifying Improper Fractions D

Adding Fractions D

Subtracting Fractions C

Ordering Fractions B

Please do as much as possible.  The Krypto is as follows:

6,8,3,-2,-4 = 28

Here is a video for you to think about. We Day approaches and you should be aware

1 comment:

hisaac said...

wow. I never thought of things that way. I will now be more thoghtful of people. Oh, and for we day, do we give our speech or poem tommorrow? When can we bring in canned food?