Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Your Algebra Post

Welcome one and all to your next to last blogging assignment!! Yeah? Awww? However you feel about it the time has come to explain Algebra.  Here is the first part of the assignment:

  • Title _____________'s Algebra Post
  • Labels blogger name, Algebra Post

Now for the work.  Please in the body of the post explain how to solve all types on one step algebra equations.  You need to use both inspection and the alge-tiles.  How you show this is up to you.  You can
  • make a movie
  • use pictures
  • use and audioboo and pictures
  • any way will work it is up to you
You also have to show both types of two step equations. One with multiplying and a constant and one with dividing and a constant.  These also need to solved using inspection and the alge-tiles. This will be the end of Chapter 1.  There will only be chapter 2 before this post is complete.  It is due on Monday(unless you are on the band trip)

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