Monday, May 16, 2011

Graphing AlgebraIntroduction

Hey all you fantastic Math Students. Sorry I am unable to help you out today.  Here are a few videos to help explain the work today.

Get a Textbook and turn to Chapter 9. This is what we are learning today.  You will also need some Graph Paper and your Notebook.

Here is the first video that will explain the first part of todays lesson.  It is 8 minutes long. Please follow along in the textbook and take the notes that are necessary.  Stop the video at any time so that you can get all the information. The videos can be played from home if you still are experiencing difficulty.
Algebra Introduction 1 (8 minutes)

These are some screen captures that might be helpful to you.

Now play the second movie.  It is not as long.

Algebra Introduction 2 (6 minutes)

Your Homework

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