Monday, April 25, 2011

E-portfolios Final Polishing up for Student Led Conferences

Introduction to the Portfolio

You need to start the reflection off with an introductory paragraph.  Sum up what you have done this year at Sargent and Add the statements from the Personal Reflection below.

Personal Reflection

  1. Two things I am good at are:
  2. Two things I need to improve on are:
  3. My goals for the next 6 weeks of school are:

Adult Response

  • In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on the following 2 things:
  • In the last 6 weeks of school I will help you reach your goals by:
Your parents will fill this part in after your conference. 

Lead parents through your learning.  For each of your units you should have the following
Proportion, links to posts about Proportion, Sesame Street Video, Parent Quiz
Pythagoras Pythagoras Scribe Post, Parent Quiz
Percent Percent Video, link to percent posts, Parent Quiz
Volume & Surface Area are one part. Video embed and link to scribe post, Parent Quiz
Integers Link to the Great Big Book Of Integers, Test Mistakes and Parent Quiz
Fractions  Add your multiplying fractions movie , Parent Quiz

Language Arts To be added later
Task Intent Criteria Frame to be added to the Wiki

Throughout the year I have completed assignments based on Assessment for Learning practices. The learning process has followed the three key components:
TASK: What was I asked to do for this assignment?

INTENT: Why am I completing this assignment?

CRITERIA: How do I know what I needed to do to be successful in completing this assignment?


Include the images taken in the lab in either Social Studies or Language Arts.

Social Studies To be added later
Include the images taken in the lab in either Social Studies or Language Arts.

Science Powerpoint needs to be uploaded to then embed at wiki

2 minutes to make a difference
Small paragraph describing what you have done:
  1. What is your topic?
  2. What were your big questions?
  3. What are some key points that you have researched?
  4. Where are you in your project... When is the project due
Remember completion and having the conference with your parent is part of your 2 Minutes and Portfolio marks for the third term.

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