Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sesame Street Video Post

So the time has come to prepare a post to capture the math in your Sesame Street Video.  The post will need three parts to be complete;

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Bert23

Title Biff's Sesame Street Video Post (please substitute your name for Biff)
Labels Biff817, ratiorateproportion, "Sesame Street Video" (substitute your name for Biff)
Body of Post

Who was in your group then...
  1. Part 1 Definition or Ratio, Rate and Proportion with an example showing how to use it.  Use your pink paper to help you.  These definition and examples will be part of your video.  Remember when you rewrite the script to the video or song please add the definition of Ratio Rate and Proportional Reasoning.
  2. Part 2 You need to embed the video from Sesame Street into your post.  To do that you need to go to youtube, search for the title of your Sesame Street video found at If you cannot find it at youtube please leave the link to the video at and a brief description.  i.e. The Count is counting different speeds on the speedometer etc
  3. Part 3 Embed your video in your post.  Upload your video to youtube.  We have a youtube channel.  To upload go to youtube and sign in a Your password is the same one we always use for math projects. There will be a second post on what to do at youtube.
As always when you have finished your post please publish.  Over the weekend watch other videos and comment.   You can comment on other rooms too.


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