Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sesame Street Rocks

Yesterday someone sent me a Sesame Street video. It wasn't this video but I saw but it peaked my interest...

How can we use videos found at Sesame Street to show our learning.  Simple we are going to rewrite them!!!

Yes I said rewrite.

Your assignment is to choose a video from Sesame Street and rewrite to have a theme of either Ratio, Rate or Proportional Reasoning.  In the video above imagine Ernie is being hussled to buy a ratio.  You could show lots of different examples of ratio and explain what it is.  When Ernie is broke at the end and tells the hussler he bought 9's you could have bought rates. Ernie would then give multiple examples of rates.

The possibilities are endless.

Homework for Tuesday
  1.  Choose a group (up to 3 people and one person should have access to a camera)
  2. Choose a video from Sesame Street. Any video will do BUT you must rewrite it using Ratio Rate and Proportional Reasoning.
  3. Study for your Proportion Quiz on Tuesday.
This assignment will be due on Monday October 18th at 9:00.  More information will follow.  Remember.....
Choose a Video
Choose a group

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