Thursday, October 14, 2010

Posting your Video FAQ

There will be many questions about posting your video.  Here are a few hints in getting the job done.

If you are using Windows Movie Maker you need to export it as a different file type.  This link will help you out.

Signing in

use your spmathgr8 email and password to get to the Sargent Park Youtube account.

Once there click upload and find the file on your computer or drive.  While the file is uploading please take time and fill out some information at youtube.

Please do not include your last names.  Use your display names from blogger (Biff817).

Now back to your post.

To embed from youtube you need to get the embed code.  It can be found here

Copy it to your clipboard and return to your blog post.
It is important that you are not in composer at blogger.  TO paste the code in properly you need to be in edit html.

Enjoy your post.  Remember to comment on others work either at youtube or at the blog.  This assignment is due on Monday at 9:00.

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