Monday, April 26, 2010

Comments from other students

Many of your youtube videos are being watched by other students from around the world.  Please if you get a comment click on their link and return the favour.  Here is a comment on one of your videos

Turnstudent27 from Wingham,Ont: What an amazing video. This video has caught my attention and is making me want to do something about this topic. Why did you guys pick this issue of justice? I had recently done a project on gender discrimination in India, and this video relates to my project. I really enjoyed the beginning of this video it was very unique! Very well done!

Child Abuse has always been a major issue in our world and I think you reflected on this Social Issue amazingly. Adding the transitions in your video added to it. I also liked how you added the 3 dots in because it added some suspense to the video. I do not know anyone that is abused I think many children are and it needs to be stopped. This video really made me want to do something about this issue. Why did you decide to pick child abuse as your issue? Turnstudent27 from Wingham,Ont 

It would be great to comment on other videos too.  You should comment on our videos and see what the difference was between version 1 and 2.  Great work on your 2 minutes to make a Difference.  I hope you enjoyed the project.

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