Monday, April 05, 2010

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Movie Update

It is April!! Your movies have to be done by April 22th.  That is the final Deadline. What needs to be done by then... Lets go over deadlines before the 22th.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by nhussein
  • April 9 All media has been selected, the script that you are reading during the movie has been completed and you are looking for music to pull the movie together.
  • April 12 to 19 Movies should be put together into what ever program you are using, moviemaker or imovie.
  • April 16th your movie should be done.  You need to publish it to Youtube on the spmath channel.
  • April 19th to 22nd you need to have peers edit your movie through comments and in group sessions.  They will critique your movie and tell you if there are spelling mistakes, if you can do better with movie effects and overall appeal of the movie.
  • April 22th.  All movies need to be in their final state and uploaded to Youtube.  There will be NO extentions to this deadline.  That gives you 16 days to complete this project.  
The project is 20% of your third term mark.  It will make a difference to your final grade.  You are expected to do most of this work at home.  Please make sure that you have work completed on the deadlines.

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