Thursday, March 18, 2010

E-Portfolio Update Work to be done before Spring Break!

Your Math and Language Arts sections of your E-Portfolio are now finalized.  You can find the instructions at the following places:
Follow the instructions and email questions to chris (dot) harbeck (at)

Important things to note.


You will be doing a parent quiz with your parents.  They will do the math.  You will teach the math.  I have selected 5 questions from your text for you to do with your parents.  You will then use your blogging and others blogging to teach your parents the content necessary to complete the question. To copy the parent quiz questions go to the link and paste them into your math section. 

Language Arts

For Language Arts some of the pictures are on the server.  I will point you in the right direction during class so that you can make a voicethread.  Be sure to make a voicethread account and be ready to upload what is necessary.

The E-Portfolio work is due on Friday March 26th 9:00

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