Friday, March 19, 2010

2 Minutes to make a Difference Collecting Media

So what have you done so far....

  • Chosen a topic
  • Researched the topic
  • Created a Story Arc to put it all together....
What is missing....... Media to create a movie.  This is your latest assignment.  You must have all of your media gathered and ready to use by the end of Spring Break.  What is media?

  1. Pictures your own and from the net
  2. movies your own
  3. anything else you are allowed to use!!
A previous post showed you how to find CC or Creative Commons Images.

\Where are you going to put all of this media?

For all of your pictures place them at your google document.
  • You will create a slide called Photo Links.
  • Paste all links into this slide
  • Create another new slide and use the Copy Image Location to insert the image.  
  • Repeat as many times as needed as you find more images.  
If you  are using your own images you need to store them at your google doc too.  Upload them from your PC or camera to the slide.  You do not need an image citation for your own photographs.

Any picture without a citation will not be allowed in your movie.  Be sure to use only CC material.

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