Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surface Area 3

Here are today's slides

View more documents from charbeck1.

Please remember to complete your 2 Minutes to make a Difference assignment.

Please leave comments behind at our new "sister" blogs in Virden and in Croatia.


raymond ;p said...

hi i am a student of the o-zone and we think you guys have some great pot and a great blog

Leonard said...

Hey this is Leonard from Virden and this is some good help even though we have already done this. Good Job!!! Please visit http://107mathblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/medal-standings.html#comments

Mr. Oldcorn said...

I hope that Raymond (above) meant to say "post", and not "pot"!

I think that Leonard is referring to the fact we are finished with the Surface Area chapter when he speaks of "already done this".

Thanks for all the students' comments from Sargent Park!

We tried to recriprocate today.

(Also tried to Skype you without success. Will attempt again tomorrow.)