Thursday, February 04, 2010

Please add your videos to your percent scribes.

In class we have been using ustream to capture movies of your percent work. Please add them to your percent scribes. Here is how you do it. Please go to either



spmath at ustream. When you find your video please get the embed code and copy it.

When you are putting the videos at your post please remember to switch to edit html from composer.  You should title your video after you paste it into your post.  Each post should have 2 videos in it.

There is a problem with the code from ustream.  TO MAKE IT WORK YOU HAVE TO ADD SOMETHING TO IT.....
At the end of he code you have pasted into your blog add

This will make the video play in your blog post.

Thanks.  This will be the last blog assignment for the 2nd term.

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