Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 Minutes to make a Difference Part 3

Here is what you should have done by now.....
  1. Google Presentation
  2. Title Slide
  3. Essay slides
  4. 10 big questions.
Here is what you have to do now. 
  1. Please choose 5 of your questions.  (If questions are the same in a group only one member may use the question). 
  2. Create a slide for each question.
  3. Research each question.  You need to answer it using 3 to 4 points.  Please attach a URL to each point.
  4. Recap each slide should contain a question, 3 to 4 points answering the question and the urls from where you found the information.
  5.  Now that you have this information HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? You need a slide that has ways in which people can make a difference.  
All of this is due by Monday March 1st

In the future you will need to have interviewed an expert on your topic and have other points of view about the issues you have chosen to research.

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Mr. Oldcorn said...

Sounds like a very cool project.

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