Sunday, March 01, 2009

2 minutes to Make a Difference Update

Hey everyone it has been a while since we talked about your movie projects. I feel that I have let you down and not been on top of things. Lets do a recap.

Every group needs to have a google presentation. In that presentation the group needs to of chosen a topic. Each group member needs to of come up with 10 questions about the topic. These questions can be thin questions at this point. From the 10 questions you need to choose 1 thick question to be an expert on. You may need to help each other out in your group.

  1. Slide 1 group name and members
  2. Slide 2 Topic
  3. Slide 3 to 6? Each group members 10 questions
  4. Slide ?4 Group member name and thick question.

Now it is up to you to research this topic. You have until March 12 to research your topic (thick question). You should have a minimum of 30 points helping explain your answer. One strategy could be you have your one thick question and then some thin questions supporting the idea in the thick question.

You need to cite all your sources. This means if you are using the web you keep the url with the points that your have used. If you use a book, magazine or other form of print you keep track of those sources too.

By March 12 you have a slide or 2 at your post with all your information gathered about your topic. Each member is expected to have this slide done. On March 12 there will be an initial mark given to each of you.

This project is 20% of your third term mark. Please work hard to do a good job.

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