Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 Minutes to Make a Difference The Essay

Organizing your thoughts to write an essay can be difficult. You need to use an organizer to set up your ideas. The Persuasion Map is an organizer that will help you get the most out of the points you have researched on your "big thick" question. Here is one way you could use the persuasion map.

Your Name Hmm selfexplanitory No?

Title What is your essay about.

Goal or Thesis Write out your Big Thick Question

Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3 All of these will be the paragraphs of your essay. You need to have 3 subtopics or Reasons to explain your Big thick Question.

Fact or Examples For each of the Reasons above you need to have examples backing up what you have said. These will be supporting sentences for your paragraphs. I would recommend a minimum of 3 points but more would be allowed.

This is the end of the Persuasion Map but not the end of your essay. You now need a conclusion. What have you learned from your research and essay. Briefly summarize the previous 3-5 paragraphs and leave a powerful ending statement.

For your 2 Minutes to make a Difference Google Presentation you will need to have both an persuasion map and an essay. The Persuasion Map can be printed, screencaptured, or recreated by any means possible. Once the Persuasion Map is complete you can write the essay. Please use Google Docs to compose the essay. You then publish the essay and paste the link into your google presentation.

This is due April 8th. That is the Wednesday of the week that you come back from Spring Break.

Stay tuned for more instructions about other tasks needed to make your movie.

Thanks for working hard and doing such important work.


jaymie said...

Do you have to do your project on your two minutes to make a difference or your hockey player? Im confused.

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