Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oops I goofed again the Sequel

Ratios and fractions can be difficult to understand. What did I do wrong in the following question. Please think about you question before you add it to the comments.Have Fun Harbeck


ardia=)_841 said...

5/12 DOES equal 5:12 but there is another way to do it ..

you can also put 5:7 because 5+7=12 and 12 is the denominator for this question .. personally i like to put 5:7 because its not the same as the fraction

michelle 8-16 said...

Mr.H, you got this question wrong because you figured out the denominator incorrectly.
5/12 is not equivalent to 5:12.

To get the correct answer, this is what you have to:

First, figure out the denominator (bottom number). To do this you have to add both numbers in the ratio. In this case you add 5+12=17.

The first number in the ratio will be the numerator (top number). In this case the numerator is 5.

For example:
You have a pizza with 12 slices and you ate 5 slices.
= 5:12 = 5/17
The denominator (12) represents the whole pizza and the numerator (5) represents the amount of slices you ate.

**Remember ratio is part to part and fraction is part to whole.

michelle 8-16 said...

At the bottom of my comment, I made a mistake. I put 12 for my denominator instead of 17.

tears_77 said...

Mr. H's answer:
5/12= 5:12

On his ratio, his denominator was wrong.

Correct Answer:
5/12 = 5:7

For Example, you and your 4 friends bought one whole pizza. When you received the pizza, it was already cutted into 12 equal pieces. All of you each took one piece. So the fraction is 5/12.

5 ----->pieces eaten
12-----> total pieces

To get the correct ratio:
You take the numerator and put it as the first number of the ratio which is 5. Put the semi colon. Then the number on the other side of the semi colon can't be the denominator because if you and your 4 friends already ate 1 piece each, there won't be 12 slices of pizza still. So you have to subtract the number of pieces eaten from the total pieces of pizza before they each took a piece. So the number on the other side of the semi colon is 7 and not 12.

tears_77 said...

Ooops in my comment above, I put semi colon instead of colon only. I meant colon , sorry!