Saturday, November 18, 2006

Look at what I did to your Probability Games

I found a new site that lets you make movies from pictures and videos. I made this movie in under 10 minutes. What could you do with this technology?

Enjoy. You guys did a great job with your games.

Mr. Harbeck


rj said...


i saw my game

apuya_soldier_841 said...

haha thats cool. the song is kidna catchy though. =\

ardia=)_841 said...

haha that is so awesome =)

michelle 8-16 said...

This video is really cool!

How did you make a movie with all the probability games?
Anyway I saw my game.

Grand Master Flash_abdul said...

real nice!!!!

crippled =( said...

whoa!!!! i love that song!!!!