Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oops goofed again Part 3

Ratios and fractions can be difficult to understand. What did I do wrong in the following question. Please think about you question before you add it to the comments.

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ardia=)_841 said...
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ardia=)_841 said...

4/6 doesnt equal to 2:3

the reason that it is wrong because you divided the numerator and the denominatior by 2

the right answer is 4:2 .. haha just like volleyball .. haha kay back to the subject .. okay i'll explain the way that i learned ratio ..

say you have 6 chocolate bars =P and 4 of them are hershey .. that is what the 4 means .. its the part that you are counting .. and 2 are the ones that are left over .. if you add 4 + 2 = 6 and that was the denominator of the fraction .. get my drift? haha

well yeah thats how i figured it out .. correct me if im wrong =) haha

ohh yeah i made a mistake on the first comment so i deleted and reposted =)

--ardia =)

rj said...

it should be 4:2

since both number should give u the denominator of the fraction.

michelle 8-16 said...
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Grand Master Flash_abdul said...

the correct answer would be 4/6 = 4:10 or if u want to simplify it 2:5

To get the denominator add both numbers in the fraction. so u add 4+6=10.

The numerator would be the first number in the ratio. so the numerator would be 4.

4:10 and it can be simplified to 2:5.
You can do this by dividing both 4 and 10 by 2. hope mt answer is right another comment by grandmaster

apuya_soldier_841 said...

4/6 should be equal to 4:2.

what you did wrong was probably assume that ratio was fractions turned on their side, and just simplified after. (4/6 = 2/3 = 2:3)

while in reality it should be 4:2, because...

say theres 6 balls on the floor. 4 of them are blue. the rest are red. so in fractions it would be, 4/6 of them are blue.

but in ratio, its 4:2 because, for every 4 blue balls, you have 2 red ones.


rj said...

answer 1 - 2/5 = 2:3
2 is numerator
2+3=5 denominator

answer 2 - 4/6 = 4:2
4 is the first number
6-4=2 second number

tears_77 said...

Mr. H's answer:
4/6= 2:3

What he did wrong:
He simplified the fraction to get the ration.
4 divide by 2 = 2
6 divide by 2 = 3

The correct way to find ration.
For example you bought 6 different fruits altogether. 4 of the fruits were watermelon and 2 of the fruits were grapes.
So on this example to get the ratio, you take the numerator which is 4 and put it BEFORE the semi colon. Put the semi colon after. Then DON'T put the denominator as the number after the semi colon but instead subtract the number of watermelon there are from the total number of different fruits. 4-6= 2 so the number AFTER the semi colon should be 2.

Then you could simplify if the ratio can be simplified. JUST remember don't simplify first and think that is the ratio because when you simplify first it is still a fraction.

To make sure your ratio is correct add the two numbers and the sum should be the same as the denominator of your fraction.

tears_77 said...

Oooops on my comment above I put semi colon instead of colon. The truth is I meant colon.