Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 28th Computer things to do!

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Hey gang here is what you should be working on today...

A) 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Movie (Google Presentation)

  • Complete your 10 to 15 points on all topics at Free the Children.
  • Once you have completed all of the information gathering you need to choose one topic to become an EXPERT on.  Use the extra links to find more information.  REMEMBER every time you go to another website copy the link before you are taking points.
  • By next class you should have all information from the Free the children site completed.

B) Black Violin (Google Presentation)

This presentation should be embedded at your wiki portfolio by now.  Make sure it is under the Language Arts section of your wiki

C) My Story

You should be typing your My Story in a Google Document.  Final formatting will be provided to you at a later time.

This is plenty to work on today.


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