Monday, January 19, 2015

Black Violin

Attached at this Flickr Album you will find some photos from the Black Violin performance from Friday.  Please use the photos and videos for your project.

You need to do the following for this assignment.
  1. Create a Google Presentation and make it public. Title it Black Violin 2015
  2. You will need to use 5-6 slides
  3. Slide 1 is a title slide use a picture and the Title of your assignment
  4. Slide 2 is the first paragraph you wrote
  5. Slide 3 is the second paragraph you wrote
  6. Slide 4 is another picture
  7. Slide 5 is a movie from the spmath youtube channel
Make sure your presentation is public, small and get the embed code. Place your presentation under the Language Arts portion of your EPortfolio at wikispaces.


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