Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Todays Integer work

Howdy!! here is today's Integer work.

Page 1 Fewer Brackets

Page 2 No Brackets

 Many of you are having difficulty in completing assignments because you do not know how to embed a video.  Here is a quick lesson.  At the top of the post there are two boxes Compose or HTML

Choose HTML and the post will look different with a bunch of <> < /> all over the place.  You now can paste the HTML code from Youtube.
At Youtube you will go to the share button

After you have clicked the share button click embed

Copy that code and paste it into your HTML post.  Once that is done you can click on the Compose and you are back in business.  

Happy Scribing and remember when you are not the scribe check out the other scribes and leave comments behind.

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