Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thinking about Portfolios

CC Flickr Image by Page by Scott Kellum

Today is a first opportunity for us to start working on our Student Electronic Portfolios.  Those of you that have computer class with me will have started the process.

Open Chrome
Open GMail
Create or go to
At your google site please ensure you have a page for Social Studies, Science, Math, LA, Practical Arts, Phys Ed and Digital Storytelling if you are in computer.

To Create a page look for the small icon with the + sign. Title the page appropriately.
On your Social Studies Page you should have a Presentation called Archeology 101.  We will now add to this with 2 more items from the museum.  You are going to create a presentation about Mummy of Pesed.  The photos are in the J drive Grade 8 Mummy folder. Use up to 8 photos to demonstrate the knowledge you remember from class and from the Field trip.

You will next create a Voicethread about mummifying a carrot.  Photos are also on the J-drive. I will explain how to do that during class.  You will leave voice and text comments behind on your voicethead.

Finally you must email me your google site address.  We will be completing class portfolio pages.

Enjoy your first E-Portfolio Day

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