Thursday, April 05, 2012

First Draft of your Movie Project 2012

Welcome to the next to last part of your 2 Minutes to Make a Difference movie project. You need to upload your first draft to youtube by Monday.  Please make sure you follow the instructions below. 

  • log in to youtube using spmathgr8
  • the password is the standard one we have used all year.

  • at youtube while the video is uploading please do the following
  • Title your movie Subject 2 Minutes Movie Project 2012 First Draft
  • Description Include your group members names and a 1 sentence summary of the movie
  • Tags will be spmath, subject, 2minutes 2012
  • Category is Education
  • License is CC not standard

If you are experiencing difficulty uploading to youtube please read this link. It will be helpful for students using Microsoft Movie Maker.

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