Monday, April 09, 2012

2 Minutes to Make a Difference 2012 First Drafts

Congratulations to many of you for completing the first draft of your movie projects.  The rubrics that they are being marked on are located from these links:
Production and Direction Rubric
Content Rubric

Here is a movie playlist with all the spmathgr8 movies so far this year. 

Please comment on as many movies as you can.  When commenting on the movies provide positive feedback on what would make the movie better.  You all have spent many hours on this project.  Many of you have fantastic artistry and skills that need to be shared.

  • One model for leaving comments is 3 stars and a wish.  The three stars are great parts about the movie, the wish is something that needs to be improved upon.
  • Another comment model is to choose parts of the rubric and watch a few videos.  Then comment on based on the criteria you have chosen to specifically comment on.  i.e. What is the issue? This is the first criteria on the content rubric.  The issue is clearly communicated early in the movie. Essential background information provided. These criteria are how a person gets 5 marks.  If you think that they have accomplished this then say that they have done this well.  If you know they are lacking this part of the rubric then ask them to be more specific when doing their final version.
The more comments people receive the better the movie projects will be.  I hope you find time to comment and then to revise your movie by next week.

Fantastic job so far.  Continue working hard.


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