Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How would you react to this .....

How would you respond to this video? Think long and hard and then leave a comment here at this post and at the video if you like. Powerful stuff.


Cindy814 said...

For the last month, I have heard and read many stories about bullying, especially the ones about homosexuality in computer classes and in my personal reading. But this video touched me the most. I can tell that this person is facing a lot of difficulties, and he is struggling to stay in school and keep his last friend. I can tell by just seeing his face when he is trying to tell the story. The question is hard, "How would I react to this?". Usually I would say something like "I feel sorry for him, or I would try to help him if he was around me.". But for this time, I think answers like that are too shallow for a serious topic like this. For the first time, I feel like there is actully nothing that we can really do. We could maybe found a way to contact him and show support, but he is still the only person in this battle against bullies. Problems like these can't be solved with one person, it could only be stopped when everyone excepts the point that everybody has the right to love what they loved. So maybe what I can do is to help a person that is bullied and stand up for them insted of being a bystander.

kim873 said...

I've seen a lot of videos of people, especially kids like him who have recorded themselves, and instead of speaking, they put it on cards. I think the reason why they do this is because it hurts too much to speak what is on their mind. It makes them feel weaker than they already are, but I find it so amazing how this young man had the courage to talk about his story, but at the end shows that he is so strong and beautiful. I don't think it's right for him to cut himself, but then again, I'm not him. I don't know what he has gone through, so I have no right to assume things. But when I was watching the video, you can see in his eyes that he is hurt, and it's not his eyes and facial expressions that made me hurt too, but the way he talked about his feelings. It was the way he grabbed my attention and made me felt how he felt. In some parts of the video, I knew exactly how he felt. It teaches you that you are not alone, and you do have a million-no, a million and one reasons to stay, because suicide is the second leading death among youth. I just don't understand how people could bring someone down like this. How they could just bully him without even thinking how they felt. it's cruel, and inhumane. Making someone feel bad DOESN'T make you a better person. Everyday people struggle with bullying, and you will never know what you did wrong until there comes a point when they died because of the mistake of someone being so un reasonable. In reality, everyone judges people, but to take it this far? It's pretty pathetic. They don't know how much effort it takes to get out of bed and show the world that they are smiling, when in reality, there are so many thoughts you want to let out so bad, but you're afraid no one will listen. When in realty, after a day full of hatred and disrespectful words toward you, you just want to not exist, because maybe that would be the only way your problems would go away. When in reality, people take their words too far. When in realty after every cut, there is a story behind it that some people may never know about. I felt like crying honestly. The things people say and do to him takes my breath away. If that's how hurt one person could be, I can't imagine the other 10 people in Canada who take down their lives because of this nonsense. It doesn't matter if you're gay, a different skill colour, if you have a disability, religion, or gender. Every one is a human being and EVERYONE deserves the same respect as everyone else. That's how I reacted.

elijah772 said...

I've seen videos and known lots of stuff about bullying and I have to admit I pick on kids here and there but I don't intend on making them commite suicide I just try to make a joke or two. But after seeing this video and how touching it was I'm now going to think twice about hurting people's feelings, especiallt on the internet because once you click "enter" it's on there forever. Hopefully everybody will understand what Jonah is going through and stop bullying because if you were someone who was getting bullyied you would feel like crap and would want to commite suicide, so just treat people the way you wanted to be treated. If you do see some stuff going down with a bully and his victim don't just stand there, stand up for the bully and go try to stop the fight and if something happens to you, all you have to do is tell an adult and the bully will get in big trouble.

Charisse817 said...

Bullying.. 1 word .. 3 syllables.. but can turn your whole life upside down within a minute. I've learned about bullying for 5 years and know a lot already. I've been bullied, but not as bad as committing suicide. I remember in 2nd grade I would always bring my lunch outside during lunchtime and eat by myself. One day, these 2 boys came up to me and took my container and threw it to each other. I was stuck in the middle and couldn't reach to get it. They threw my container until it broke and I was very upset.. they were both laughing at me like I was some little girl who didn't know anything. I told the teachers on them and they did get in trouble. One of the guys bought me another container to pay back for what he did and after all that, he has never bullied me. So as you can see, all this bullying stops if you just tell an adult. It may not always work but you should always let people know that you're being bullied and you don't like it. How I reacted to this video.. I felt more than to feel sorry for him, while watching him.. reading his cards and looking at his face reactions made me feel the same way he was feeling. No one at this young age should be bullied because as soon as the bully puts himself into the person he was bullying, he would feel about what he was absolutely wrong. Treat people they way you will like to be treated. Jonah should have just spoke up to an adult instead of fake smiling and not living his life to the fullest. Yeah.. he may be called a tattle tale but at least he did the right thing. Don't ever think about committing suicide because like Jonah said, you are born in this world for a million of reasons. God gave you life to live with being positive, enjoying his creation, and thanking him for everything he has done for you. Watching this video of Jonah made me sad and I felt like crying cause no one deserves to be bullied. If you are ever being bullied, speak up and stand up and let the bully know that bullying is wrong and make 2nd choices about making people feel bad.

sheila814 said...

Through out my life time i have heard MANY stories about this type of thing. I hate it. I have watched MANY videos like this on the internet and honestly also cried through all of them! It's really difficult how people go through bullying! Bullying is just plain stupid. I am already seeing this at school! Even in the street. I absolutely hate it! People DON'T have a reason to bullying others. Treat people the way that you want to be treated. After seeing this video on face book yesterday and seeing it today. Really made me feel awful! Like his facial expressions really made me feel the way he felt! Like when it got to the " suicide was an option many times." I just totally died. Like seriously suicide is NOT an option to anyone at this age. Or even any age! People have the right to live! People have the right to be happy! No one has the right to bully. Hurting people is just no way to solve anything. Physically, Mentally, emotional, even on the internet! Just because they are miles away from you and you can't see their reaction doesn't mean you get to bully them in ANY WAY. He mentioned that he only had one close friend left. Like seriously? I want to know why people hate him so much. Just because one person hates him, doesn't mean everybody has to follow! If i went to his school i wouldn't hate him! I would be his best friend. Some one that he could trust, count on, everything! Even though if people start hating on me because i'm his friend, i wouldn't care. I would be his best friend no matter what happens! Like in my option bullies are just plain stupid.Bullying people is not attractive. Bullying is pathetic. There are many ways to stop bullying. I hate it when people are " bystanders" like i know some people don't want to get in trouble. But you won't get in trouble by standing up for what you think is right. Act fast before things go to far. Because if things go far than.. bad things will happen.A lot of people are struggling right now because of bullying. You never know what's going on till they die because of a stupid choice. Think twice before you blab something out of your mouth. It's really painful to see a human being like us go through this. It hurts really bad. I have seen MANY videos like this. I think people recorded themselves and besides talking they put it on cards. I really think the reason why they do this is because it hurts to speak. Speaking up for yourself or some else IS NOT a bad thing at all! But it still hurts! I am amazed that this guy has enough courage to actually do this short of thing. The first time i watched it, it grabbed my attention! Right when it started. He teaches me about you have a million reasons to be here right at this moment, your never alone. It is just ridiculous how people think that cutting there selves is problem solver! Well man, IT IS NOT! I still can't understand how people could just bring one person down like this! It's stupid. It takes a lot of effort to wake up in the morning knowing that everything is okay and coming to school a target to bullies. Like come on. Seriously? That's a bad word. No one deserves to be judged or bullied, even though they have different skin color, or gay, or have different religions, or a disability, or gender. No one has the reason to go through this bad word. This was my reaction.

Mr. H said...

I would really like to thank Cindy, Kim, Elijah, Sheila and Charisse for leaving such insightful comments behind. I appreciate the time and thought it took to compose such long comments. You are leaders in our school and continue your vigilance against bullying.

Ashton873 said...

at first i was disgusted with this and how somebody can suffer like that but then i realized how that could feel

but Wow i now what that feels like: i've been bullyeid and i've done the bullying. i know how this feels. i've been bullyied for most of my elementary years cause of many different reasons like my actions, i have done many weird or gross things that i do regret. but i can see why he has been bullyeid like his actions or just because he hasn't been always popular but that doesn't mean anything.but the bully has to bully either to fit in or have a feeling of self secureness. i now most of my classmates sort of reject me but that is all my fault.
cause i do this

here are some quotes that explain it more

“Some people won't be happy until they've pushed you to the ground. What you have to do is have the courage to stand your ground and not give them the time of day. Hold on to your power and never give it away.”
― Donna Schoenrock

“No, you don't know what it's like
When nothing feels all right
You don't know what it's like
To be like me
To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No, you don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life”
― Simple Plan

with the quote of simple plan i beleive that jonah will be okay it's just a stage of him not liking him i've been there i know what it's like. i've been at that stage of feeling this.
and like kim said It doesn't matter if you're gay, a different skill colour, if you have a disability, religion, or gender. Every one is a human being and EVERYONE deserves the same respect as everyone else. it doesn't matter who you are. you are yourself and i'm me it doesn't matter who you are just be you but be responsible.

abby873 said...

Bullying, are one of the strongest words that I hear, and can already HURT one person in just a second. I've seen many video's like this, but this video are one of the different ones I've seen. If I play a video like this, I would hear a person talk, and say those words that hurt them a lot and show how they feel by crying. Its not that when they cry we can already tell that their hurt, but its how they 'SHOW IT' I've had a lot of friends experience this but when there silent I could tell that, that is there powerful word. I know that sometimes I cant speak up to them bullies to stop, cause sometimes they wont even listen. I mean like talking behind a person's back, teasing them, calling them names, or even do worse things to them I dont know how they could live with that, If only those bullies would have to experience the same thing to them, I wonder how they would feel. So while watching this video, It almost made me tear up because many people dont deserve this and wouldn't have the guts to do this and show the whole world how he would feel. But I have this story that almost made me loose a friend. When he all felt happy in the outside, but in the inside he would always tell me that 'why do I always have to be treated like this,' That one day when he told me that he was going to commit suicide because of all the negative things people would say about him, and about his looks. Whenever we have the longest conversations, he would always have the other side of him. When I saw him cry about those things, everything dropped in me because I havent seen him think negative decions to make all this bulling stop about him. When he was thinking to commit suicide because he would be bullied everyday I would tell him to think about what would happen if he was gone .. It wouldn't hurt if you told an adult, but he was scared because of how many people wouldn't stop this. So now that all he does is ignore, I myself would have to do everything as a friend to make him a stronger person and always be by his side if he ever would be bullied again. So its my job to help and stand up for those people who are bullied everyday.