Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pay it Forward Peer Reflection and Comments

This is a two part assignment. 
Part 1 The following has to be done at the your blogs;
  • Leave a comment for 3 of your peers on the blog about their Pay it Forward experience.
  • Choose 3 classmates from a different homeroom.
  • Once an individual has 3 comments, you must choose another student to leave feedback. 
  • When everyone has completed this each student should have a minimum of 3 comments each.
  • When you have received comments please return to your post and read the comments.  Reflect on what other people have said and respond to their comments.
Here are the links for each classes Pay it Forward posts.





 Part 2 of this assignment Is to be handed in either typed or on looseleaf.
  • Based on the act of kindness completed by your peers, answer the following questions about their experience. You will answer the following 4 questions for 3 different Pay it Forward blogposts.
  1. Who was involved in the act of kindness? (giving and receiving)
  2. What act of kindness was completed?
  3. In your opinion, who benefited from this act of kindness?
  4. What can YOU learn from their experience?
  • After reflecting on the Pay it Forward experience, describe how you think these acts of kindness can make a difference in your community.
Due Friday December 2nd

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