Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trail Mix

Here is your homework today.  Please answer it in your notebook.  When you have completed this question create your own Trail Mix ingredients and ratios.  I love the Costco Trail Mix:) Cashews to peanuts to M&M's. Yumm.

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Anonymous said...

I love trail mix sooooo much.

Olivia816 said...

In my trail mix there is three cups of chocolate chips, two cups of almonds, two cups of cashews, and one cup of banana chips. I make two batches of trail mix.

a)The ratio of chocolate chips (CC) to cashews (C).

6:4, 6 to 4, 6/4, 1.5, 150%

b)The ratio of banana chips (BC) to almonds (A).

2:4, 2 to 4, 2/4, 0.5, 50%

c)The ratio of almonds (A) and cashews (C) to the total trail mix.

8:16, 8 to 16, 8/16, 0.5, 50%

d)The ratio of banana chips (BC) to chocolate chips (CC).

2:6, 2 to 6, 2/6, 0.33, 33.3%

Leea41 said...

a) The ratio of mini pretzels to raisins is 3:1 or 3/1

b) The ratio or roasted soy chips to sunflower seeds is 2:1

c)Total cups of mix needed to make two batches =3+2+1+1=7

d)Ratio of soy chips and sunflower seeds to total rail mix is 3:7,0.43 or 43%

Mr. Oldcorn said...

Hello Mr. H,

This post has our class hungry. Would you mind if we did this same assignment in our class later?


Virden Junior High 107

ps. They like chocolate too!