Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cutlery Drawer Homework

Todays ratio homework is to create 10 ratios that can be found in your families cutlery drawer.  Remember to use all of the different types of ratios in your homework
  • part to part
  • part to whole
  • part to part to part
  • part to part to whole
  • 2 term ratio
  • 3 term ratio
cc licensed flickr photo shared by scorzonera

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1 comment:

Hendrik 73 said...

knife:spoon, fork to everything else, K S F
, spoon:little spoon:whole,little fork to sharp knife,
tsp spoon sharp knife cake fork
platic spoon:tbls:tbs,
knife to sharp knife to whole,
plastic spoon:fork, fork to cake fork.