Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sorry that I am sick but here is your introductionto Proportion.

I am still sick so you need to listen to these videos and figure out what you need to do.  All the work will happen in part 2.3 of your textbook on pages 63 to 67.  I have 2 short videos for you and then one video explaining your homework.  In case they do not work here is what you need to do.

Read Pages 63 to 66.  Understand that a proportion shows 2 equivalent ratios

Next you have to be able to write your proportion in different ways, fraction from, ratio form or decimal form.  This is not hard you have done it all before.

You need to use the two did you know activities in your work today as examples for your foldable.

  1. Finish your foldable.  Use the information on page 66 do help you define proportion.  Then use the two Show you know examples to add to your knowledge on the foldable.
  2. Complete Questions 1 to 5 in your notebook on page 66.

Here are the 3 videos.  Watch one then do the work.  Start the second video only when most of you are done your "show you know."
Finally watch the third video to have the homework explained.

Proportion Video 1

Proportion Video 2

Proportion Assignment Video

All of this is due on Monday. 

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