Thursday, November 05, 2009

Last Chance for Marks

This weekend is your last chance to complete any blogging assignments you owe me. Please make sure that you have done as many assignments as possible. The blog is a great way to show your understanding of what is being taught. Here is a list of what is owed. Have a great weekend and stay healthy..... not like me!

Graphing Unit
1. Sign up to the blog
3. Bob Graphing

5. Coin Math 1 and 2 

One thing that many of you do is to label your posts incorrectly.  Please make sure to label all posts with your display name, and the other labels described at the posts above.


1 comment:

Deniel8-16 said...

so if we do all the missing posts but i have a question when is it due on monday or when you start marking report cards?