Friday, November 09, 2007

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Here are the two sets of slides from Thursday's lessons. Please leave a comment behind explaining double number lines and a comment on the Puppy Kibble.

Here is the double numberline slides

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judy817 said...

Puppy Kibble: slide 4
The strategy they used to find 1cup was by taking everything for 1 1/2 cup, then dividing it by 3. After they found 1/3 of the number,they muntiplied it by 2 to get 1 cup.
Ex. nuggets: 1/2 /3= 1/6 1/6x2= 2/3 (1/3)

Double Numberlines: slide 2
Instead of using clocks and money to help us with fractions, Mr.H taught us how to use double numberlines. We used a double numberline to find 4/16+1/5. 4/16 = 1/4, so it's 1/4+1/5. A friendly number to help find 1/4+1/5 is 20, so the double numberline goes up to 20. We first found 1/4 of 20, which was 5, then 1/5, which is a little less than 1/4 is, 4. Next we added 5+4=9 (numerator) over 20 (denominator)

C€Ð®îC™ said...

Double Numberlines: Slide 1:
What I did was: (I mostly did the same strategy to all of it)
The double number line was out of 100, and I took the 100 and divided it by the denominator then multiply by the numerator.
100 divided by 4= 25 x 1= 25 (1/4)
100 divided by 5= 20 x 1=+20 (1/5)
Puppy Kibble: Slide 5
To figure out 6 cups, they took 1 and 1/2 then multiplied it by 4 to get to 6. They also multiplied the ingredients by 4 and also the price.
1 1/2 x 4=6 cups--1/4,3/4,2/4 x 4 etc. and $2.25 x4. For 12 cups they just doubled 6 and whatever they did to get 12 they did to the ingredients and to the price.

Danica16 said...

Puppy kibble slide 10
ilike how they made it colourful.but i didn't understand their math and why they divided it by 3.In all i really liked it.

Double numberline slide 9
if the denominators are the same then it will stay thhe same for the answer.then yuo add 1+1=2 so it is 2/9

kiahna 8-16 said...

I chose slide # they could have explained it alittle ore in class because it was hard to understand.
other than that it was very pretty and it was good.

# lines
slide 1 beacuse they could have made 45/100 into 9/20 because they were using money and there are 9 nickels in in 45 cents.
other than that it was very well done.

katef said...

Puppy Kibble Slide #5
They did a good job of explaining everything. It was very neatly done but they should of explianed more on the paper.

Double number lines slide #3
I really think this is a good strategy to figure out problems. It is bvery quick. because you can change your whole according to the fractions your trying to add or subtract becuase clocks and money do not work with all fractions. so you can use many different numbers for ht ewohle of yoru number line. For 1/4+2/20 i used 20 adn made 1/4 into 5/20 so it was easy to add 4/20+5/20

Drea said...

Puppy Kibble

Slide # 10
I didn't understand why they divided everything by 3 as their math strategy. Although it was very colourful and bright to read I still coudn't understand it. Either than that the picture looked good.

Double Numberline:
I chose 1/9 + 1/9
I chose this fraction because it was very easy to explain. If both of the denominators are the same you keep them the same.That equals 9. Then all you need to do is add the numerator's together which is 2. Altogether you have 2/9
Wasen't that easy!

Jasmine Ly said...

Puppy Kibble slide#5 was clearly and loudly resented and nicely done and they took there time on it.

Puppy kibble slide # was nicely done and they had a good strategy and i think they coould have it explained it a little more.

Nathaniel 8-16 said...

(did puppy kibble on the other comment box below this one)

Double numberlines Slide 2

1/2 + 1/4 + 10/50 I would've chosen to make it out of 20, so you wouldn't have to simplify it after. 1/2 = 10/20 1/4 = 5/20 10/50 = 1/5 = 4/20
added up = 19/20

kaяэп_817 said...

Puppy Kibble: I dunno whos slide is whos so then yeah I'll just comment on Kyle's and Kylee's cause they did it in class.

Well anyways I think they did the muliplicatiuon thing right but then I think it would habe been easier to use a ratio table. It would also be easier to understand.

Double Numberline
Slide 2

Well we learned how to use a double numberline, instead of clocks and money.
When we were using a double numberline we had to figure out a happy number that both denominators go in to.

So then for slide two 4/16 + 1/5=
We could change 4/16 to 1/4. So then the new question would be 1/4 + 1/5=

A number that both 4 and 5 both go in to is 20. So then on the number line 20 would be at the end. Then you divide the numberline by 4. each of the lines are 5 each. then you divide the numberline by 5. each of those would be 4.
Now we addd. 5+4= 9. then you use your happy number as the denominator.

so you answer is: 4/16+1/5=9/20