Monday, April 06, 2015

Putting your 2 Minutes Movie Together

A brief recap.....

You should already have all your information gathered for this project.  You now need to organize it in to a Movie Story Arc.

While the movie arc is the same for all projects how many points you use will be up to you.  I recommend less than 16 points of information for the entire 2 minutes.

To start off your movie you need to  Identify your issue and hook us on Why we should care. You need to be specific here.  Do not just say poverty is bad talk about your specific topic and why we need to pay attention.  I recommend between 5 and 6 pieces of information to hook us here.  This is the upswing in the Movie Story Arc and takes us up to the top of the plateau.  The points you choose should gain in importance as we climb the arc to the top.

Most important points are at the top of the arc.  You now have our attention.  You need to hit us hard with information that is shocking and disturbing.  These points are why there is an issue at play.  Do not use more that 3 to 4 points to make your point.

Now that we care about your topic you need to give us information about How we can make a difference.  What agencies are out there that we can donate to or volunteer for.  As grade 8 students how do WE make a difference? You also have to tell us how you made a difference.  You will briefly describe what you did and show evidence of your work.

The final part of your movie you go back to your information.  You can either repeat  your most important points or you can use new points to keep us hooked.  This is an important part of your movie. Do not end with a fizzle but with a bang. Inspire use to make a difference.  This is why you are making a movie in the first place.

Next week Media:)

See you then.


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