Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Things to get done for your Portfolio

Here is the list of things that needs to be done for your portfolio at Wikispaces.

Language Arts

  • Black Violin
  • Links to quick write 1 at Google Drive
  • Links to quick write 2 at Google Drive
  • Links to My Story at Google Drive
  • My Story video from Youtube
Social Studies
  • Postcard from Wonder of the world
  • Personal Timeline
Me to We
  • Pay it Forward (Google Presentation)
  • We Day Quotes  (Google Presentation)
  • 2 Minutes to Make a Difference  (Google Presentation)
  • Timeline presentation
  • Math Movies
  • Kinetic Typography Movie
Help each other out! Let's get all of this into the wiki!!  If you get it all done continue your 2 Minutes Research.

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