Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finding Media

2 Minutes to Make a Difference May 21

This is our story arc
Today we need to find media that will help us explain the story we are telling.  Media can me movies, audio or most likely photos.  It is very important that you use photos that have the proper media rights.  This means that the people who took the photos have given permission for others to use them.

We did this a bit in Google in technology class.  In the advanced search we chose free to use or share.
There are other sites too.  Try these out

CC Search is a Creative Commons search engine that only searches out media you can use
Another site is Compfight
There are many others but these two should start you finding what you need.  For every photo you select please copy the url to your presentation so we can use it in the credits.
Here are some example videos from the previous years to inspire you to find media and to give you an idea about what is possible when you want to make a difference.

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