Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Introducing Pythagoras

Hello Class. Today I am unable to attend school. My voice has left me and I am unable to teach.  Thankfully for you I have the blog to keep you company.  Today we are learning about Pythagoras and his magical theorem.

Job 1 Get some grid Paper Cut a right triangle that has sides of 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm.

Job 2 Cut a the square of 5 out of paper, cut the square of 4 out of paper, cut the square of 3 out of paper, colour each a different colour and try to make a right triangle out of them. (remember your test on this one)

Job 3 Use the textbook to figure out what the Pythagorean Theorem is?

Pythagoras said that the sum of the square of side A plus the square of side B equals the square of side C.

Job 4 How can you use your squares to make sense of the Pythagorean Theorem?
You might......
Show what you think is the Pythagorean Theorem is by gluing the triangle and the coloured squares onto a piece of white paper with the triangle......

Watch this Video It might help.

Now be ready to talk and explain what Pythagoras meant using his Theorem.  Are there any other uses of this idea? Leave a comment behind if you are confused or need help.  Also check the chat box to see if others are having difficulty or if you need help too.

Hey try this!!!
For those of you looking for some extra work.... try the paper folding activity in this video.

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