Sunday, April 14, 2013

Student Led Conferences Parent Quiz

This week is Student Led Conferences.  Math has always been a parent quiz.  You will be expected to teach your parents math and have them do a parent quiz.  After each question please have a link to your posts on these subjects.

Title ****'s Math Parent Quiz Post.
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Here are the questions.

Ratio Rate Proportion (Link to your Proportion Post)
Peter runs 200 m in 30s while his sister Eva runs 300 m in 36s.
  • Who is the faster runner? Explain how you can tell.
  • At the same rate, how far will each runner go in 2 minutes?

  Percent (Link to your Percent Scribepost)
A bicycle is on sale for 10% off the origional price of $420. when it does not sell, the store reduces the sale price by another 5%.  What is the final price of the bicycle?

Surface Area
Calculate the Surface Area of the net below.

Fractions (Connect to your Fraction Scribepost)
Chad likes to eat Honeycomb for breakfast every day.  He eats 3/4 of a box per week. 
  • How much of the box does he eat each day?
  • How many boxes of Honeycomb does he eat each year?
Algebra Equation Solving(Connect to your Algebra Unproject)

 This is the end of your Parent Quiz. Please have your parents post a comment in your blog post's comment area.

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