Wednesday, March 06, 2013

What DO you know about Algebra???

This is a video from a former student of mine.  It was done in ....... 2007. I would call it a timeless classic.

Now it is your turn.  I want you to create a post where you make a video explaining what you know about algebra.  It does not have to be long but it does have to have certain information.  Your post must include how to solve 3 types of Algebraic questions

I have called assignments like this unprojects. It is up to you to chose the medium in which you create the post.  You can sing, make a video, use pictures, use text, do anything as long as you have explained how to solve the 3 types of equation.

Each type of equation needs its own information.  I.E. if you are making a video you would need 3 of them (one for each).
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__________ Algebra Unproject

Due Date Monday March 18

Here are some examples





And many more. Only you can set the limit.

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