Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Creating your Fraction Post

Sorry for the late post.  Here are the details about your Fraction Post.

Title Everything ***** knows about Fractions
Label Fraction Post, Username

In the body embed the fraction presentation from Google Drive

To do this you have to do the following

1. Make your presentation public. Click Share
Then choose public instead of Private.  If you are already private and you have embeded you need to click the hyperlinked word change. You then will see the following pop up and be able to choose public.

Now under File you can chose publish to web.
Copy the Embed code.  Go to blogger and paste into your post.

Thank you for your time.


moliver said...

are the stars suppose to be where our name goes?

ajandro71811 said...

what is the embed code?

Gdiogo said...

how do we embed it