Thursday, March 01, 2012

Problem of the Week

Here is a new feature at the Mathzone. Leave your answers behind in the comments.

If you were given a can of cola that was 97% caffeine-free, how many cans of cola would you have to drink in order to consume the same amount of caffeine found in a regular cola?

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Ashley772 said...

If there is 3% caffeine found in the cola, it would take 100 divided by 3 to equal the same amount.

rose817 said...

There is 38mg. caffeine inone can of coke. If I was given a 97% caffeine-free coke. Then there is 3% caffeine left.
So 3%= 0.03
1.14mg of caffeine in one can.

mg 1.14 38
--- ------ = -------
can 1 n
38/1.14= 33.3
_ _
1x33.3= 33.3
Then I rounded it down so I got 33 cans.
I need 33 can of coke to consume same amount of regular coke.