Monday, February 28, 2011

Volume Post

You have done a really god job on volume so far.  Let's create a post for it.  We will do it differently though.  I want you to edit your previous Surface Area or Volume post.  Here is how you do it.
  1. Go and find your previous post and hit edit.
  2. Now find the labels and add the following 2 labels "cylinder volume" and "volume problems"
  3. Add to the bottom of your previous post.  Create a new line with the title Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems
  4. Please choose and example from 7.3 from the textbook.  Show how to calculate the volume of the cylinder.
  5. Choose a problem from 7.4 and show how to calculate the problem.  YOU will need to copy out the problem.  Be sure to show good diagrams to illustrate your answer.
  6. BONUS Create a short video showing how you solved your problem upload it to youtube and embed it at your post.  (hint we have lots of manipulatives at school.  Use them!)
If you do not label this post correctly I will not see it.  No label is like no name on a paper assignment.  Please label correctly.

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Marie17 said...

Mr. Harbeck, when is this post due?