Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Problems for Percent Video

Here are the problems you need to solve in your percent video.

Percent Problems

1. The front wheel of a tricycle is 155% as large as its rear wheels. Use hundred grids to show how the front wheel compares to the rear wheels.

2. The cost for a downloaded game was $10.99.  Added to this cost was a 10% before tax processing fee, 5%GST and 7%PST.  What is the total cost of the game?

3. The number of caribou in a particular herd was monitored over a two-year period. The first year, the size of the herd was estimated at 30 000. The second year, the herd was estimated to be 90% of its original size. What was the approximate size of the herd in the second year?

4. What is a better deal:
a) 60% off a pair of shoes
b) 20% off a pair of shoes then a 40% reduction of the discounted price.  
Use an example to show that your thinking.

Do not forget how to tag and title your video at youtube.
  • Title *****'s Percent Review Video
  • Tags spmath, (your blogger name) and percent
  • In the description you can leave a short 3 sentence paragraph talking about percents.

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