Thursday, December 09, 2010

Spread the gift of Comments

I am always impressed with your comments.  You do it frequently and each comment means that the scribes have an audience.  We need to spread the gift of commenting.  I am leaving some links for you to go visit.  Please leave some comments there.  You will make their day and perhaps they will leave you a comment too.  It would be great if you left a URL in their comment box so that they could return the favour.

Please include in the comment that you are a student at Sargent Park School in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Remember that some of the blogs you will be looking at are done by young students.  Leave appropriate messages behind.  Most importantly please be an audience for these students.

Here are the links to blogs that would love you to leave comments.  Remember to not leave a comment at the first blog only.  Explore the blog and leave comments at different posts.

Remember the more you comment the more comments you will receive.  Give unto others..... I know you will do a great job.  Thanks in advance.


1 comment:

Allanah King said...

I wondered who was looking at that post written some time ago.

Now I know why.


Allanah K

Moturoa Classroom

Appleby School