Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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As many of you have noticed there are lots of comments at our posts. It is important to read the comments that you have received. Your classmates and people from around the world have spent time reading your post and leaving you feedback.

Blogger etiquette would have you responding to the comments you have received. A simple thanks and telling them that you have done the corrections they have suggested would be a great starting point.

Now how do you leave a good comment. Most of you are excellent in telling the author how to make a better post. You are great editors and find many small spelling and math mistakes. But does it end there??? Lets try to do more.

Scribes are expected to find a video and a link for their post. You can also leave a video or link in your comment. To do this you will need to use some html code. The code to leave a link is like this

So a link to Sargent Park Mathzone would look like this

Do not forget to use the to finish.

and would look like this after you published it in your comment

Sargent Park.

Try to spice up your comments by leaving links and having conversations with others who have commented.

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