Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comments Others need comments

Many schools approach me and ask for comments.  We have two schools that would like to have comments at their blogs. Commenting is the most important part of blogging.  YOU provide audience.  It is important to help other bloggers by reading and commenting.

The first is a school in Virden Manitoba.

They are a Grade 8 Math Class and are using the same text as us.  Please leave comments behind for them talking about
  • the content of the post
  • the Math being taught
  • the format of the post, images, text colour etc.

We also have a school in the former Yugoslavia.  They are a Grade 7 Science Class.  Please do the same for them.  It is important to read the post, understand the content and then leave a comment.  They will be doing work that is different than yours.  Please

This is the Grade 7 Blog

 This is the Grade 8 Blog

Please leave behind comments at as many blog posts as you can.  Please include a link to one of your blog posts.  It is important to share your knowledge.  All of you are excellent bloggers.  Please be a gracious reader and commenter. 

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