Thursday, October 01, 2009

Graphing Assessment

Today in class you are going to play a game, create some graphs and then..... hand in an assessment.

  1. Find a partner.
  2. Roll the dice 15 times and your partner rolls the dice 15 times.
  3. Record the sum of the dice each time (2 to 12)
  4. Organize your data.
  5. Place your data on a graph. Be sure to title it, label it and follow all the conventions of graphing.
  6. What conclusion can you draw from your experiment.
  7. Use the same data and find a way to Misrepresent the information that you have gathered.  
  8. Remake the graph showing the same data in different ways (draw our attention to a different piece of information)
  9. Write a few sentences explaining what you did to the graph and WHY you did what you did.So here is what needs to be handed in on one piece of graph paper,
  • Organized Data
  • Graph 1 showing the data and 2 to 3 sentences explaining conclusions that can be made.
  • Graph 2 Misrepresent the data and redraw the graph.  2 to 3 sentences explaining what you have done.
  • Bonus Make a Circle Graph for the same information.

Everything is on One piece of paper or......... You can post it online for bonus marks. It is due on Monday no ifs ands or ...buts :)

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