Monday, February 16, 2009

Help I have Amnesia

I was supposed to start a new unit with you this week. I had a tragic accident on the ice yesterday. I slipped and bumped my head. I do not remember what I was supposed to teach you. Although I do remember my name, where I live and who all of you are (aliens I think!!)

All I have left are a few artifacts in my backpack and these movies had put into a blog post. Help me out. Can you figure out what I was going to teach you and teach me before I regain my memory.

The Artifacts


Some important vocabulary was left on a piece of paper too.
  • legs
  • hypotenuse
  • R.A.T
  • Greek
  • theorem

Your Assignment

  1. Create a blog post that explains how these artifacts are linked.
  2. How can you use the vocabulary to help explain the artifacts?
  3. You must explain what the shapes are, what is that formula, and who is that guy and why do I care in Grade 8 Math.
  4. You need to label your post with the mystery man's name.
  5. You will need to embed a video that explains all of your work after you have figured out what you will be doing.
  6. You will need to answer a word problem by Thursday. It will be posted on Wednesday night.
  7. This is all due by the end of your math class on Friday February 27.

Here are 3 Possible Problems you can use for this post. You need to use one of them. I will post the other word problem soon.

Find the missing side length or side lengths. Show all of your work.

What is the perimeter of the orange triangle?

More to follow......

Here are the next problems. Choose only one of them to solve at your post.

Problem 1
This diagram shows the game plans for a game designed by Harbeck Toys INC. The board is made up of a square and four identical right triangles.

If the central square has an area of 225 square centimetres what is the perimeter of the board game?

Show how you know.

Problem 2

Problem 3

This is the ustream of the lesson

Here are some videos that might help you understand your topic.

The Movies

What else did Pythagoras do?


The Theorem

Don't try this at home!!

In 60 Seconds?

Can you remake this video and make it better or easier to understand?

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